Product certification or product qualification is the process of certifying that a certain product has passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications (typically called "certification schemes" in the product certification industry). 

If you are considering a purchase of any Spray foam insulation, strictly insist on the presentation of  valid certificates and make sure the product have CE  mark Europe certification . Authenticity of data and certificates can always  by check the certification body  and make sure the certificate is authentic, and make sure the manufacture conducts certification. The market appears many substandard materials, which not only pose declared long-term savings, but neither do these parameters. They are flammable, health and life-threatening. 



Some countries permit usage of ingredients that are prohibited in other countries. It is therefore necessary to choose a proven manufacturer of high quality materials that can be used for quality spray foam insulation production. Another important step is the right choice of the application company. This step is crucial as it influences the final parameters of the foam insulation. The application must be performed by a properly trained application company while observing a number of exact steps, having the right technical background, and also the sufficient knowledge of what they do.


It is therefore important to find relevant data about the manufacturer/local representative, as well as about history of the considered product in countries where it has been used. It is also useful to have the possibility of checking the application company that will apply the foam insulation. As described above, not all insulating foams are sold in EU countries and it is therefore important to check what the company has on offer.


HONTER GmbH  is the supplier of  EXY premium spray foam insulations. It delivers various types of spray foam insulations and protective roof coatings to the European market. All these products from one manufacturer have different technical characteristics depending on the intended application – insulating foams are designed for given purpose with main emphasize on perfect insulating properties at given place. Our products have declared parameters and properties and guarantee the energy savings. The products are tested and certified in leading laboratories not only within EU but also in Canada and U.S. due to objective assessment and examination of all important characteristics required for a top quality product. In EU, our products are tested by TZUS (Czech Republic) www.tzus.cz, Pavus a.s www.pavus.cz




FROTH-PAK™ 180 Insulation kit

Declaration of Performance 439.37 KB Download

FROTH-PAK™ 600 Insulation kit

Declaration of Performance 439.37 KB Download

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